Inland Electric, Inc.’s success is built by people—employees and customers—forming a business partnership and working together to get the project done right, and no matter how big or prosperous a company grows, it always comes down to that.


Inland Electric, Inc. upholds its side of a business partnership by employing I.B.E.W. electricians, the finest the electrical industry has to offer, but more than that, we look for electricians who are genuinely interested in finding better ways of serving our customers.

We update the abilities of our project engineers, project managers and estimators, giving them and you the advantage of new technology, but never forgetting that the old way is sometimes the best way.  Our time and material invoices are itemized, no matter how big the project, so you can see what you’re buying.


We work closely with manufactures and suppliers to ensure you are receiving the best and safest products at a value.


We make it our business to know the electrical needs of your business, and we utilize our team’s years of expertise to present you with the solutions to your electrical questions.


Time is always an important factor in quality service.  Inland Electric, Inc. takes great pride in its response time and dedication to on-time completions.


Our achievement is considerable, and it’s all due to our customer’s continued satisfaction with our commitment to working together to get the job done right!



      Laurie Lynn Benjamin